[ubuntu-us-mn] Install FEST! @ PenguinsUnbound Linux Meeting Saturday Oct. 31

Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 01:13:45 BST 2009

Note that in addition to installing, this is a great chance to bring
new people who are interested in finding out what Ubuntu is all about
or just curious about open source in general, socialize with fellow
users, share tips & tricks, etc.  So bring your friends and family,
some snacks to share, and an appetite for fun!  Also, for those who
haven't been to one of these before, you can filter in for whatever
time frame you want, so you could come from ten to noon, all day, or

Meanwhile, for those who are interested in installing and/or
upgrading, *if* I manage not to screw anything up in the next week,
I'm planning to bring a local mirror of the Ubuntu repositories and a
selection of ISO CD images, to speed up the process and save TIES
bandwidth for that stuff and leave it free for our less repetitive
pipe needs.  (However, it would be useful if you could bring your own
ethernet patch cable to hook into it, as I have far more switch ports
than cables.)

Note also that we could use help spreading the word about this and the
Duluth/Superior event, so if you have connections to media outlets,
universities, etc., use those, blog/tweet/dent about it, put up flyers
if you want, and most importantly, tell your friends.

Tony Yarusso

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