[ubuntu-us-mn] Bash script for Nautilus questions.

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Thu Nov 12 21:22:51 GMT 2009

The last few days I've be playing with a Bash script designed to be called
from the Gnome file browser, Nautilus, that uses zenity to communicate
with the user in pop up windows. This is on my Ubuntu 8.10 system, Nautilus
2.24.1, zenity 2.24.0.

After a slow start I'm making progress on the modifications to a script
similar to what I wanted to make, but I still have a couple problems that
are not fatal but I would like to understand / improve.

1) The original Nautilus script written by Jon Green, called
create_symbolic_links  was downloaded from

The only zenity function Green used was:

   zenity --warning \
          --text="Some text to display in a little window"

but he makes the definition (?) :

warning() {
   ${ZENITY} --warning --warning-text "$*"

so he can just (I think) use the syntax:
   warning "Some text to display in a little window"

but his warnings using this syntax do not work on my system
whereas the warnings using the original syntax do work for me.
Can anyone explain?

2) When zenity warnings are available on my system they are not in a
window on top (they are minimized) and I have to have to click its tab in
the window list to bring it to the top.

How can I get them to pop up on top?  Is is something about my system?

To test on your Ubuntu system, paste the following 3 lines below a
new file ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/testscript  and save it.

   zenity --warning \
          --text="Some text to display in a little window"

Make testscript executable (from nautilus: file> properties> Permissions>)
The execute it from Nautilus ( file> scripts> )
Does it display a window on top or do you have to bring it to the top?

BTW I have a somewhat similar phenomenom with the image viewer, EOG, Eyes
of Gnome. If I double click on an image file in Nautilus, EOG displayes it
in a window on top.  But if I double click on another image while the
first image window is on top or minimized, both the first image window
and the new one are minimized.


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