[ubuntu-us-mn] Lucid Development Cycle, Week 1: Karmic reactions and introductions

Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 20:53:30 GMT 2009

Hey everyone!  Thanks to everyone who made it out to our St. Paul
release event on Saturday - it was a blast!  For those who weren't
able to attend, we had probably 40 or so people show up throughout the
day, some upgrading or installing, some taking a first or second look
at Ubuntu, and some coming for support (we had a couple of driver
questions - props to the guys who knew how to handle them).  There was
a local mirror on hand so things went quickly (it worked!), David
Siegel of Canonical did show up (after some initial trouble getting
there) and gave a great talk on the One Hundred Papercuts project and
the Gnome-Do launcher, and there were donuts in the morning and pizza
in the afternoon.  I saw a number of familiar faces as well as quite a
few new ones, which is exactly what we want, so let's continue that
trend!  I saw at least one person with a camera - feel free to share
any photos if you have them.

With the release of Karmic, we officially enter the period known as
the "Lucid Development Cycle", which is the six-month period between
Karmic release and Lucid release.  Of course, the first few weeks of
this are actually fairly focused on Karmic, and then things start to
shift at various levels as we move along.

This first week has two main aspects:

1)  What are your reactions to Karmic?  Any favorite new features?
How's it running on your machines?  Forums, IRC channels, and mailing
lists are usually filled with people describing their first
impressions of the new release, and this is good, as it provides an
opportunity to answer any questions that arise and get a sense of
direction for where the next release should go.

2)  Ubuntu Open Week!  For those who don't know, UOW is a one-week
event consisting of a bunch of one-hour sessions given on IRC on
various topics, intended as an opportunity to road-test the Ubuntu
community for newcomers, offer chance to be exposed to more aspects of
it for those who have been around a little while but haven't gotten
very involved yet, and learn about particular topics that anyone may
be interested in.  For instance, this morning had sessions "How to be
your neighbor's Ubuntu guru" and the "Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter".
Coming up in a few minutes is a session on "Reporting Bugs", and at
4:00 will be "Running a FOSS Event" - both great things for our group.
 To see these and the plans for the rest of the week, as well as
information on how to attend a session and logs of previous ones,
check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek - see you in

Tony Yarusso

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