[ubuntu-us-mn] Sound not working till reboot.

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Wed Jun 3 17:02:10 BST 2009

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009, Colin Harrington wrote:

> I've had something very similar to this happen with 8.10 too.  I noticed
> that it typically had to do with using a combination of  Amarok and the
> Flash player (within the browser).

It seems like my problem might be related to this.  I had been trying to
watch some http://openstreetmap.org related flash videos (with


As an experiment I watched one of these videos offline, went into
hibernate briefly and when I came up again the audio was working...
So I still can not reproduce the problem.

I'll keep watching it.

** Problems with flash videos.  In general these seem to require more
bandwidth than youtube videos but it may also be that I'm getting less
bandwidth than I'd expect (125 kB/sec -- 1Mb/s) with my Mpls wireless
connection than i would expect.  I do not feel like I have a great way
telling if I am getting the speed I should.  Of course there are other
complications - my son watching video at the same time or a puase audio
stream taking up some bandwidth.


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