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Adam Monsen haircut at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 14:35:48 GMT 2009

Mail-Followup-To: TCLUG <tclug-list at mn-linux.org>

Great! Please feel free to forward on the invite.

I sent the announcement to the CS Grads mailing list (and as you can
see I cross-posted this to the MN Ubuntu list).

Here's a map for folks besides Mike who may not know exactly where EE/CS is:

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 3:43 PM, Mike Miller wrote:
> Adam--
> This will be great.  I can't wait.  The timing is perfect because I
> really need to start using subversion with software I've been
> working on.
> Mike
> On Sat, 17 Jan 2009, Jeremy wrote:
>> The next TCLUG meeting is Tue Jan 20th!
>> UofM EE/Csci Building Room #3-125
>> Adam will be talking about Version Control:
>> Title
>>   18.2 Reasons Why You Can't Live Without Version Control
>> Subtitle
>>   first principles, tips, and tricks of version control by
>>   example using Subversion
>> Abstract
>>   Whether you're a non-techie, brand-spanking-new to the
>>   command line or a wizened kung-fu coder, you can benefit from
>>   version control. Come learn skills that will propel you from
>>   beginner to hardened veteran! Come meet talented and
>>   lively members of the Twin Cities Linux User Group! Live
>>   demonstrations will be shown using the Subversion version
>>   control system, but the concepts are portable to other
>>   version control systems.
>> Speaker
>>   Adam Monsen is a software engineer with an intense desire to
>>   help lift people out of poverty by engineering robust and
>>   efficient Free and Open Source Software. He is a GNU/Linux
>>   enthusiast and he enjoys cheesy classic Sci-Fi movies.
>>   Adam works at the Grameen Foundation USA on software to help
>>   banks manage microloans. He is also a computer science
>>   graduate student at the University of Minnesota.

Adam Monsen

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