[ubuntu-us-mn] Media contact for 9.04 release

Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 10:49:04 BST 2009

As most of you know, within the next few hours there will be a rockin'
new Ubuntu release.  However, it's not good enough for just us to
know; we want EVERYBODY to know!  Therefore, I would like to ask your
help in getting the word out.  Please take a look at the following
items, and if you're able to do any of them, jump on in!

* Print and distribute fliers for our release party (a PDF is
available on http://ubuntu-minnesota.org/, or you can make your own)
* Verify the accuracy of information already present on
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Media from previous releases
* Add any new outlets you can think of to
* Help write a press release to send to those media outlets, talking
about our team and what local user groups do, a little bit of
background on Ubuntu and open source, and of course, the event on
Saturday.  To do so, install the 'gobby' package (a collaborative
editor), and join the session on the ubuntu-minnesota.org server (port
6522, the default).  This document will be added on to the official
press release from Canonical, so should only include things either
specific to our team / Minnesota or giving background to people with
no exposure to open source (since the official releases historically
don't address them).
* Once the time comes, help actually send that information out to the
listed media outlets.  I can send one e-mail, but the ones that
require web form or phone contact I will need some help going through.
* Invite all of your friends to the event on Saturday through whatever
means you choose - one option available is to use the Facebook event
at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=27502932#/event.php?eid=80095891221
* Burn CDs and distribute!  You can hand them out on the street, give
them to your local library and computer store, leave them on tables at
school, restaurants, etc., leave them at the bus stop, whatever!

Thanks everyone!

Tony Yarusso

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