[ubuntu-us-mn] Ubuntu or Debian hosting for Drupal

Jordan Peacock hewhocutsdown at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 18:10:21 BST 2008

Any recommendations?

It's for an existing site that exceeds the CPU/RAM usage of some of the
lower-priced basic offerings from AN Hosting or GoDaddy (the shared virtual
servers). Not a heavy hard drive or bandwidth site. Currently paying
$150/quarter, looking to lower that as much as possible, as this is for a
non-profit organization that is on half of a shoe-string budget as it is.

Does it make sense to upgrade my internet connection and host it myself, or
go after a hosting company? Ideally I would like to administrate the server
as well and have it run Ubuntu or Debian, but I'm not hellbent on that.

Jordan Peacock
hewhocutsdown at gmail.com
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