[ubuntu-us-mn] For the TC-LUGers that are interested: Free demo/training of Sophos in Burnsville

Jordan Peacock jpeacock at rjssoftware.com
Thu Sep 4 20:55:33 BST 2008

Hey everyone

<disclaimer>Yes, I work for RJS Software which resells Sophos, so while I
don't think I'm being biased, you be the judge :)</disclaimer>

Sophos is an industrial-grade anti-virus/malware/etc solution. I'd never
heard of it before so I was pretty skeptical about it initially. Turns out,
as they market exclusively to corporate accounts, you'll never see it in
retail and rarely in a residential situation. Nevertheless, once I started
digging into it a bit, it turned out to be pretty damn cool.

It's cross platform, handy if you guys are running Linux servers that can,
in turn, touch other servers, or have Macs on your network, or just want to
move away from Symantec or something. It's way less system intensive on a
workstation level than my experiences with McAfee and Norton (although I
haven't had a chance yet to bang on it with my Mac or Ubuntu boxes).

So, for whoever's interested in checking it out, learning more, etc...it's a
free event, 8am to 12pm next Tuesday at the RJS Office in Burnsville. For
directions/registration/more event info try the link below:


Oh and apparently there's going to be a drawing for a Wii afterwards. Seeing
as, at the moment, we don't have a ton of people coming (~15 or 20 are
already registered atm), your odds are pretty good. :P

Jordan Peacock
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