[ubuntu-us-mn] Controversial software freedom activist to speak at U of M on Oct. 21

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Sat Oct 18 17:22:50 BST 2008

Controversial free software advocate Richard Stallman, founder of the Free
Software Foundation and the GNU project, will speak at the University of
Minnesota at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 21 in Rm. 175, Willey Hall, 225 19th
Ave. S., Minneapolis. The event is free and open to the public.

Stallman pioneered the concept of "copyleft", the practice of using
copyright law to remove restrictions on distributing copies and modified
versions of a work for others and requiring that the same freedoms be
preserved in modified versions. Stallman is the main author of the most
widely used free software license, the GNU General Public License.
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer have publicly
criticized the GNU General Public License and some software companies have
likened it to a virus that will "destroy the software industry".

In Stallman's talk, "The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux
Operating System", he will discuss the Free Software Movement, which
campaigns for the freedom of computer users to cooperate and control their
own computing activities.

Stallman's lecture is sponsored by the University of Minnesota's
Software Engineering Center. For more information, visit

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