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Sat Sep 22 16:57:06 BST 2007

I've got the Google Calendar tied in, love the idea; that's an easy way to
ensure we're on the same page.

My wife & I (plus maybe our little one) will try to make the release party.
Can't promise anything at this point though; will have to wait until the
details are more solid on both ends, mine and the groups'.

Good meeting you all though. Songbird, you're in Burnsville as well? We
might have to meet up.


On 9/22/07, Anthony Yarusso <tonyyarusso at> wrote:
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> Thanks to everyone who was able to show up at our first meeting - we
> got a lot done!  I know the time didn't work for everyone - we'll try
> to make meetings rotate days and times so it fits everyone's schedule
> some of the time.  Anyway, we were able to cover a lot of stuff and
> got the people who were present assigned a small task or two each to
> look into and report back with (hence Songwind's last two posts - way
> to get the ball rolling right away!).  I'm hoping to make a clean
> summary of these and the general results, but probably won't have a
> chance to until Monday I think.  Anyway, for the time being, I'd
> encourage everyone who couldn't make it to take a few minutes to read
> through the logs so you're up to speed:
> Raw version:
> Pretty version:
> If you can help with any of the tasks assigned, by all means contact
> the person who was looking into it with whatever information you
> have.  Or main focus right now is getting together a PARTY / social
> meetup for the weekend following Gutsy release in October.
> One thing we left unresolved was frequency of future meetings.
> Regardless of the specifics, we all felt that they should be a)
> regular, and b) frequent.  Proposals range anywhere from every two
> weeks to every two months.  I'm going to propose that we have a second
> one in the two-to-three week range from this one, so that we have time
> to reserve space and pull together other details for our PARTY coming
> up quicker than you might think in October.  I'll start collecting
> availability soon, but not in this e-mail - I'm still pondering the
> most efficient way to do so (Google Calendar was proposed -
> thoughts?).  After that we may space them out a little more, but we
> need to at least get another in well before the 18th, which is really
> soon, so we're kinda constrained there.
> Anyway, lots of fun and cool projects to start in on, so we have our
> work (and play) cut out for us!
> - - Tony
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