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Mon Sep 17 21:27:05 BST 2007

I am quite excited for our first meeting. Even if it is board meeting
style, ;)

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> Using the feedback given so far, this meeting has been scheduled for
> 16:00-18:00 (4-6 PM) CDT (UCT-5, our current local tz), this Thursday,
> 20 September 2007.  It will take place online, in the
> #ubuntu-minnesota IRC channel on the Freenode network.  If you are not
> sure how to use IRC yet, please ask for assistance so we can make sure
> everyone can log on - you can see
> for a start.
> Again, if you have any topics you would like to discuss, please add
> them to
> sapphosyne pointed out that as it stands right now, the agenda reads
> somewhat like an overly official board meeting (sorry, that's my style
> much of the time), so if you can think of any icebreakers, jokes, or
> other fun things to open up with to set the tone of the meeting as a
> loose, casual, and fun event as it should be, please add your
> suggestion!  If you can not attend but have something you wish to say,
> please e-mail it to myself ahead of time and I will bring it up on
> your behalf.  Logs will be published afterwards.  This is a public
> meeting, so feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested,
> regardless of whether they have joined the team yet in official terms.
> I hope to see everyone there and get started making this team as
> awesome as I know we can be!
> - - Tony
> Anthony Yarusso wrote:
>> John brought up the point that we should have a semi-formal,
>> scheduled meeting soon.  This will give us an opportunity to meet
>> each other, gather some cohesiveness in our newly formed group, and
>> begin laying out a roadmap for what we want to do as a team.  Our
>> most immediate concern will be pulling something together for a
>> Gutsy release party next month (that's soon!).  We will also
>> discuss some of our mid-to-long-range ideas, and see which ones we
>> can get started on this fall and winter.
>> LoCo team meetings vary, and anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours
>> can be found among other teams.  I am going to suggest that we plan
>> for at least one hour, maximum two.  Hopefully that will give us
>> time to cover a lot of ground without imposing too severely on
>> anyone's schedule.  A page has been created on the wiki at
>> - please add
>> your items for discussion as well as information about when would
>> be best for you to have a meeting scheduled for, so we can try to
>> find a time that works for most people.  If you haven't used the
>> wiki before, just follow the format of other things on the page and
>> it will work out okay - you can ask on IRC in #ubuntu-minnesota or
>> #ubuntu-doc for MoinMoin wiki help too.
>> If you can't make whatever time is decided upon, just review the
>> contents of the Agenda the day before or so, and if there are any
>> items you would like to comment on, e-mail a detailed description
>> of the points you want to make to me, and I'll make sure they are
>> brought up on your behalf.  Logs of the meeting will be posted
>> afterwards.
>> I'm looking forward to working with you all to see what we can
>> accomplish for Ubuntu and open-source technology here in Minnesota!
>> - Tony
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