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Tue Sep 11 12:29:34 BST 2007

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John brought up the point that we should have a semi-formal, scheduled
meeting soon.  This will give us an opportunity to meet each other,
gather some cohesiveness in our newly formed group, and begin laying
out a roadmap for what we want to do as a team.  Our most immediate
concern will be pulling something together for a Gutsy release party
next month (that's soon!).  We will also discuss some of our
mid-to-long-range ideas, and see which ones we can get started on this
fall and winter.

LoCo team meetings vary, and anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours can
be found among other teams.  I am going to suggest that we plan for at
least one hour, maximum two.  Hopefully that will give us time to
cover a lot of ground without imposing too severely on anyone's
schedule.  A page has been created on the wiki at - please add your
items for discussion as well as information about when would be best
for you to have a meeting scheduled for, so we can try to find a time
that works for most people.  If you haven't used the wiki before, just
follow the format of other things on the page and it will work out
okay - you can ask on IRC in #ubuntu-minnesota or #ubuntu-doc for
MoinMoin wiki help too.

If you can't make whatever time is decided upon, just review the
contents of the Agenda the day before or so, and if there are any
items you would like to comment on, e-mail a detailed description of
the points you want to make to me, and I'll make sure they are brought
up on your behalf.  Logs of the meeting will be posted afterwards.

I'm looking forward to working with you all to see what we can
accomplish for Ubuntu and open-source technology here in Minnesota!

- - Tony
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