[ubuntu-us-mn] USB external drives failing to mount

Jordan Peacock hewhocutsdown at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 03:05:34 GMT 2007


I have two machines running Ubuntu 7.10, 1 which is up-to-the-minute with
the updates, one which is about a week off.

The former began failing to mount the MyBook 1TB ext3-formatted external
drive (powered separately), through either firewire or usb. The other two
pocket drives (80GB each, ext3, powered via usb) worked in the same slots.

Two days later both of these stopped working as well. All three drives work
on the second machine, and I'm afraid to update it. Any idea what's going on
and how to fix it? The system won't even admit the drives exist.

Jordan Peacock
hewhocutsdown at gmail.com
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