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James Hice jameshice at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 18:10:07 UTC 2013

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Tim Ledoux, a lead engineer at Merit Network Inc. asked me for help finding
 someone to help them find or create a  Capture The Flag/Challenge Scoring
Engine to be used on their Cyber Range, they are funded through grants so
are looking for a free one.(open source might be of interested to them as

Watch their Cyber Range video:  http://youtu.be/DcFkWdA445k

Tim's contact information:
Timothy S. Ledoux
Lead Engineer Cyber Range
Research & Development
Merit Network Inc.
1000 Oakbrook Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 527-5802

He also is in search of candidates for a Senior Analyst position.

Senior Analyst position description:

This is a senior technician, who operates under the supervision of the Lead
Engineer and Director of the Cyber Range.  Their duties and
responsibilities include but are not limited to the following.

Responsible for:

·        Assisting Cyber Range users to connect and operate courses and

·        Working as a member of a Red Team during force on force cyber
range events.

·        Developing challenges for events, classes and lab exercises.
Event re-creation a plus.

o   Vulnerability Assessments

o   System Hardening

o   Malware Analysis

o   Digital Forensics

o   Incident Response

o   Packet Analysis

o   Reverse Engineer

o   Penetration Testing

Experience in:

●       Strong Linux Administration at the Large, Enterprise or Global

●       Well-versed in IT Security Infrastructure, Architecture and Design.

●       Performing Penetration Testing both systems & Applications Testing

●       Creating a variety of virtual machine operating systems with a wide
range of vulnerability

●       Creating virtual data centers using VMware’s VCenter.

●       Networking virtual machines

●       Puppet

●       Using open-source security tools, such as:

○       Metasploit,

○       nmap,

○       wireshark,

○       Nessus,

○       snort,

○       and the tools set available through BackTrack 5 rev 3

·        Forensic Suites, Helix & Encase a plus.

Please send all resumes to the Point of Contact listed below.

Mark DiCarlo
Senior IT Recruiter
Office: (734) 996-4800 <callto:734%29%20996-4800>
Wolverine Technical Staffing
www.Wolverinetech.com <http://www.wolverinetech.com/>
mark at wolverinetech.com
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