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I have a conflict starting at 6PM on Saturday.  So, earlier is better for me. I need to get to a location in Dearborn Heights at 6PM.  If you choose to go to the Warren Valley Golf course that would solve my conflict. The site is Beach Daily and Warren Roads in Dearborn Heights. They have a bar with wifi. We would need to call ahead.

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Hey all,

It's time to decide on where we will be having the release party. Here 
are my personal top three options that we're heard thus far:

1) Royal Oak Brewery: My personal favorite, as it's just down the street 
from where I live. Has the space for us, and reservations are as easy as 
a phone call 24 hours in advance. They have wifi, but not sure about 
plugs. They have a decent selection of real food as well as beers on 
tap. Parking can be had relatively close if you park in the Farmer's 
Market lot.

2) Black Lotus: This one is in Clawson. Parking is relatively close if 
you park behind the establishment, but it's a little smaller than ROyal 
Oak Brewery. It has the advantage of being next to the Drive-in, which 
is a virtual driving range. Food is good, and they have wifi.

3) Fort Street Brewery: Located in Lincoln Park, they look like they 
have a decent menu 
(http://www.fortstreetbeer.com/linked/fsb_2012_web_menu.pdf) and wifi. 
Several of the downriver folks are familiar with this location, and it 
seemed quite popular.

So, those are my top three location picks. I'd like to have something 
decided and ready to go by Wednesday, so I'd like a sense of where folks 
would like to go for the release party. Please respond with which 
location you'd prefer, and we'll get something set up.

Also thinking Saturday would work best, but if someone can make a 
compelling argument for Sunday (maybe during the day) that could be a 

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