[ubuntu-us-mi] 12.10 Release Party

Tony Bemus tony at bemushosting.com
Thu Oct 11 13:43:54 UTC 2012

Fort St Brewery in Lincoln Park is a good meeting place.  I see how that
is a trip for some people.  What about going  back to Corner st brewery
in Ypsilanti?


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* gib at juno.com (gib at juno.com) wrote:
> Any other criteria?

> MHB - must have beer.

Optional, but desirable.

> Wireless internet?

Preferable, but few places have shared wifi that isn't suboptimal.

> Electrical outlets?

Preferable and desirable.

> Can we do a paid hall? 

Unless you're willing to personally fund it, we have a budget of $0 to
work with. :)

> I have a conflict on the 20th.  So, 21 would be better for me.

Yeah, I'm thinking the 20th would be better, as Sunday night events tend
to get less attendance, being a school night and all. 

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