[ubuntu-us-mi] Help Me Choose a Talk for PyOhio

Ben Rousch brousch at gmail.com
Sat May 26 20:49:01 UTC 2012

My Python Friends and Acquaintances,

As you probably noticed from recent emails, the deadline for PyOhio
(http://pyohio.org/) talk submissions is nearly upon us. I have a few
ideas for talks, but I only have time to put one of them together. So
which of these ideas would you be most interested in seeing at PyOhio?

1. An Intro to Django
Intro to Django with an emphasis on Django idioms, best practices for
beginners (project organization, virtualenv, git, South, etc), working
around quirks, and hosting your Django projects on the cheap (Django
app engine, Heroku, Dreamhost, etc)

2. Leveraging Your Python Skills
You know Python, now use it in places you might not expect:
  * Obvious: Linux, OSX
  * Windows: Python services for Windows shortfalls, IronPython, py2exe
  * Embedded Interpreters: FreeCAD, Inkscape, Blender, Gedit, OpenOffice, Gimp
  * Devices: Android SL4A, Android Native, Nintendo DS
  * Web: Google App Engine, Skulpt, PythonAnywhere, Pyjamas, PyJS

3. Build a Web Framework
In the last year I put together the basic components of a web
framework in Python3 just to see if it could be done. As I went along
I learned a few things about why web frameworks do some of the
seemingly over-complicated things they do. This was one of things that
helped me wrap my head around Django, and I think others could benefit
from going through this in a tutorial format. Basically would start
with CherryPy and then build a simple website adding in templates,
database, and ORM as things become annoying.

Please let me know which talk interests you the most, or if you have a
better idea for a talk from me, let me know.

 Ben Rousch
   brousch at gmail.com

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