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This sounds like an interesting topic.  Please be aware that we will have people there of varying knowledge levels. Hopefully we will be able to broadcast this on out Big Blue button channel. Please see our web site for more details http://www.mdlug.org  We've been experimenting with a web cast so we may ry that again. Our meeting is the second Saturday of each month (so that's 1/14).  I'll pass this on to some other groups. My apologizes to everyone who gets this multiple times.  I'm working off of several lists.  I suspect this type of event could be duplicated in Penguicon.org and TecShop.ws - as well as local group events such as i3Detroit, Wash Lug . . .

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My Internet connection through Comcast also doesn't include IPv6,
though my modem supports it; Comcast hasn't rolled out IPv6 in my area
yet. So I use tunnelbroker.net, which is a free tunnel service offered
by Hurricane Electric. They only require that you have a public IPv4
address; it doesn't have to be static, but you do need to reconfigure
their end of things if your public IPv4 address changes. This is

I can also talk about the difference between radvd/RAs, which don't
include nameserver information, and DHCPv6, which can. My own setup
has nameserver details distributed via IPv4 DHCP.

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 11:26 PM, Stan Green <Stan at mcomputersolutions.com> wrote:
> My AT&T DSL modem does not work 100% with IPv6. It cannot provide DNS entries
> for DHCP. I have to hard code the DNS for Debain 6+. It is not a big deal, so I
> have not contacted AT&T.
> Regards,
> Stan
> On Thursday 05 January 2012 09:29:50 pm Michael Mol wrote:
>> I'll be coming by next week to do a presentation on IPv6. I dug
>> through the MDLUG's mailing list archives to see if there had been any
>> prior discussion on-list about the topic, but I don't see any. So I
>> thought I'd ask for those who plan to be at the meeting:
>> * What experiences do you already have with IPv6?
>> * What questions do you have regarding IPv6?
>> * What kinds of networked hardware and operating systems do you use?
>> In my presentation, I plan on bringing my laptop with me. Presuming I
>> can get Internet access, I'll set my laptop as an IPv6 router, and set
>> up a local network which you can connect to; the network will have
>> both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, and you should be able to quickly
>> find out how well your portable hardware works over IPv6.
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