[ubuntu-us-mi] Help! Global Jam change of venue

James Hice jameshice at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 19:11:56 UTC 2012

Are i3 Detroit or all hands active possible places?
On Feb 29, 2012 12:21 PM, "Craig Maloney" <craig at decafbad.net> wrote:

> Hello, everyone,
> SRT Solutions is unable to host us this weekend for the Global Jam.
> Unfortunately they are having trouble finding someone who is able to let us
> in the building, so we will have to find a different venue in order to meet
> up.
> I have several areas that I will be contacting (The Royal Oak Library, and
> the Caribou that Coffee House Coders meets at), but the likelihood of those
> working out is pretty slim.
> If you know of a location that can house 10-15 people, has unfettered
> access to Wifi or other networking, and can be guaranteed to be available
> this weekend from ~ 12pm - 5pm, PLEASE let me know. If there is any
> associated cost with the room rental, please let me know that as well.
> And just to be clear: SRT Solutions is an awesome company, and I'm glad
> they've been there for us in the past. It's just this time around that
> isn't going to work out for both of us.
> More information as it becomes available.
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