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James Hice jameshice at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 21:24:54 UTC 2012

looks like there is still time to add more tech presentations to this years

you can see what they already have scheduled for tech and DIY at these
direct links
you are certainly welcome to browse the rest of the schedule as well.

Please help them improve the schedule by reporting any issues you find

Thank you!

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Subject: [Penguicon-General] Happy Editing :) The Schedule Awaits
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Hello Everyone,

We have the schedule in pretty much good order.  The track heads have been
working fast and furious to pull this together but we could all use a
little help!

We are hoping to see the schedule embedded onto the website soon, but until
then you can see it here:


You can even sort by track or room.  If you click on the presenters you can
see their list, or if you login as an attendee you can create your own
schedule and keep it on your smart phone.

We are working first on confirming speakers and panelists.  Next, let me
know if you see typos or formatting issues. If there are time conflicts for
speakers we can take care of that right away.  Finally, we do have a little
space left so if you were still thinking of offering your time please jump

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