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Fri Nov 11 14:59:25 UTC 2011

We will have 1 copy of each at the mdlug meting Saturday.


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Subject: [ubuntu-us-mi] Ubuntu CDs - you want 'em, I got 'em
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Hello, everyone,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I have the Ubuntu CDs for 
11.10 (graciously provided to us by Canonical. Thank you!) So, I have a 
bunch of the following:

Ubuntu 11.10
Kubuntu 11.10
Ubuntu Server 11.10 (64 bit)

I'd like to get these CDs out to the rest of the community, especially 
for events. To help with that, I'm proposing the following.

1) I'm going to ship some of the CDs over to Ben Rousch for the West 
Michigan team. He'll come up with his own way of distributing the CDs 
for the West Side
2) If you're looking for single copies of any of the CDs, I will be 
bringing them with me to MUG and Coffee House Coders. If you want to 
guarantee that I have the right copy for you, please ping me beforehand, 
and we'll work something out.
3) If you can't make it to MUG, or CHC, and can't send someone on your 
behalf, I'm more than willing to send CDs via mail. In order to keep my 
(and by extension, your) sanity, please ask for more than 5 CDs at a 
time (so, if I have an event and I'd like around 19 CDs, asking for 19 
CDs is fine, however only asking for one of each CD "just to have it" 
will likely make me a little cross with you. :) )

(Note: I won't ask for postage reimbursement, but if you're feeling 
generous, my Paypal account is craig at decafbad.net as well. ;) )

I'm hoping these guidelines will get these CDs out to those that need 
them. If you have a special request, by all means ping me, and we'll 
work something out.

My hope is that we can use these for advocacy and for getting folks to 
try Ubuntu that wouldn't otherwise take CD-Rs from strangers.

Also, if any folks from ther users groups would like some (MD-LUG, 
WASHLUG, etc, please let me know, and I'll send a care package).

   Craig Maloney  (craig at decafbad.net)        http://decafbad.net
     "Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big,
      wear glasses if you need 'em." -- The Webb Wilder Credo

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