[ubuntu-us-mi] Meeting Tomorrow @ 9pm

Craig Maloney craig at decafbad.net
Sat Nov 5 23:04:24 UTC 2011

Hello, everyone,

If you're like me, you noticed that tomorrow's meeting was scheduled for 
8pm. Due to some quirk imposed by several governments, and the lack of 
timezone information on the event (UTC), the event that is normally 
scheduled for 9pm was scheduled for 8pm. That's because tomorrow we move 
from UTC-4 to UTC-5. (And this is one of the reasons I detest Daylight 
Savings Time. But I digress...)

Tomorrow's meeting is at 9pm on Freenode at #ubuntu-us-mi. If you have 
something you'd like to bring up at the meeting for tomorrow, please 
feel free to add it to the meeting notice here:


Hope to see you there!

   Craig Maloney  (craig at decafbad.net)        http://decafbad.net
     "Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big,
      wear glasses if you need 'em." -- The Webb Wilder Credo

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