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Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Mon Apr 4 02:29:58 UTC 2011

= Update on the MUG meeting sponsorship =

So keep the contributions coming! 

Its easy: just send the contribution to my paypal account (using the 
email address I sent this message from).

Whatever you can give, no matter how small, will get us closer to our 
goal and let us have a great meeting focused on Ubuntu this summer!

To those of you who have already contributed: Thank you! What topic do 
you want covered at our sponsored meeting? Do you want to talk?

To everyone else: What are you waiting for? :)

If you haven't been to MUG before, you're missing out. If you have, you 
know that the group does really good things with the money. Help sustain 
the work this great group does with a small contribution.

Regular Individual Membership: $35
Meeting Sponsorship (our goal): $150
Deadline: May 1st

Thanks for your support!


<quoting name="Greg Grossmeier" date="2011-03-07" time="22:13:19 -0500">
> Hello there Team!
> I have a bit of a proposal for everyone.
> [tl;dr: We're going to sponsor a MUG meeting! Help us raise money by 
> donating to greg at grossmeier.net on Paypal!]
> Background / About MUG
> ----------------------
> As many of you may know, one of the best linux related groups in Michigan 
> is MUG, or Michigan!/usr/group (http://www.mug.org). They hold monthly 
> meetings in Southfield, Michigan. Many Ubuntu LoCo team members have been 
> attending MUG meetings for a long time and I highly recommend checking 
> them out if you have a chance. In fact their next meeting is tomorrow(!) 
> night, March 8th, where our own Craig Maloney (snapl on IRC) will be 
> presenting on how to create a podcast. As many of you know, Craig and 
> Rick Harding are the co-hosts of the awesome Lococast podcast 
> (http://lococast.net). And the Ubuntu Michigan LoCo/MUG intermingling 
> doesn't stop there. Many other LoCo members have presented in the past 
> include Jorge Castro, Rick, and myself.
> MUG also brings in amazing out of town speakers and can do that because 
> they help pay the travel costs as much as possible. The room they use for 
> the meetings is also something they have to pay for each time. Thus, to 
> put on such great events with such great content requires some money. 
> This is why they have yearly membership dues of $35. I know that some 
> LoCo members are also paying MUG members.
> The Proposal
> ------------
> MUG has also recently started a new program where a business or group can 
> sponsor a meeting:
> http://www.mug.org/twiki/bin/view/Mugwiki/CorpSponsorship
> Basically, what this means is that we could, as a group, raise the $150 
> to sponsor a MUG meeting where we could then have an Ubuntu-themed 
> meeting and any member of the Michigan LoCo will be considered a full 
> member for 2011.
> Really, the best part is contributing to the success of MUG and having an 
> Ubuntu-themed MUG meeting.
> At last night's IRC meeting it was officially decided that we will 
> participate as a LoCo and sponsor a MUG meeting. This is where *YOU* come 
> in.
> The How
> -------
> Lets raise that required $150 as fast as we can! I will be accepting 
> donations to my Paypal account (greg at grossmeier.net). When we hit $150 
> I'll send a note to this mailing list and let the MUG Board know.
> Also, in case anyone has any reservations about giving money to me to 
> then give to MUG, I will log into my Paypal account for any LoCo member 
> who attends a MUG meeting and show the donation information.
> The next part is the best: Our sponsored meeting.
> Our Meeting
> -----------
> Craig, who is on the MUG Board, is looking into finding the best 
> available meeting for us to use as an Ubuntu-themed/LoCo-Sponsored 
> meeting. Since it'll be Ubuntu-themed we should have one or two great 
> Ubuntu-related talks. These can be anything from a how-to to a case study 
> of your use of Ubuntu in some really interesting situation (run 1000 
> Ubuntu servers in a cluster? Tell us about it!).
> Let me or the list know if you have a topic that you would like to 
> present!
> Questions?
> ----------
> Let me know if you have any questions about this fundraiser or MUG in 
> general.
> Thanks!
> Greg
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