[ubuntu-us-mi] New to the list

Scott Moser smoser at brickies.net
Thu Oct 21 21:16:32 BST 2010

On Thu, 21 Oct 2010, Bruce Graham wrote:

> I've been using Ubuntu for about 10 months.  Shortly after firing up the
> machine which came with 9.04 I tried to upgrade to 9.10 and broke the
> sound card.  Now that 10.10 is out I'd like to try the upgrade again but
> I want to try and do it in a reversible way in case the problem with the
> sound card is still not fixed.  Alternatively since I am a software

Well, plug in a install USB key or live-cd.  They're "live".  You'll be
running the same kernel and modules and software stack (minus updates)
that you'd be running after you install.

If it works on the live cd, it [should] work on the installed system.

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