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Hi everyone,

We have a job opening for a programmer/system administrator position, and
built a bit of a geek test to check for some of the skills we're looking


You can take the test semi-anonymously without applying for the job - when
you get to the end, it lets you choose whether you want to apply or not. 
Minimal information is required (first name, e-mail, a bit more if you want
to apply for the job), and you're required to post your score to the high
score list under a three-letter handle of your choosing.  It's designed as
a bit of a game, and some basic hacking is encouraged (see the rules for
details).  Whether or not you want the job, go ahead and try it, even just
to see how well you do!

If you're interested in the job, we're looking for a really geeky person
to help us:

- write software, mainly in PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript
- administrate networks, servers, computers, systems, and other electronic
dohickeys with blinky lights and fans
- secure data and prevent hacking attempts
- act as on-call systems administration relief at odd hours if needed
(which isn't often)
- connect/fix printers and cell phones (the glamorous part of the job - in
all seriousness, this should be fairly rare)

Ideally, someone who:

- knows how to program reasonably well
- has experience with Linux (you are on a Linux mailing list, right?)
- knows a thing or two about encryption
- can show up for work bathed and in clean clothes
- keeps their cables neat and organized

Good luck!

Warm Regards,
Kyle Maas
Virtual Interconnect Software, LLC

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