[ubuntu-us-mi] Roomate Needed in Westland area

Rebecca Herber ramengirl at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 14:05:09 GMT 2010

My boyfriend Robert aka Trav is currently looking for new roommates to
move in after the end of the year. Please contact him offlist at
trav13369 at gmail.com. Thanks.


This morning, I officially found out from my roommate Jen that she and
Matt/Planet WILL be moving out by year's end (December 31), so I will be needing
a roommate (or a couple who can share a room).  It'll be $400/month, which
covers half of rent, heat/hot water, electricity, and cable/internet.  No cats,
no smoking.  I have a ferret, and his cage is kept in my room.  I live near
Warren and Merriman Rds., with easy access to 96, 94, and 275.  Westland Mall is
nearby, and Hines Park is literally in my backyard. There is a background check
required by the complex I live in (nothing major), and laundry facilities are in
the storage room downstairs.

Please apply off-list, or, if you have Facebook, I'm on there as "Robert Trav
Poloskey"- my cell number is on there, and I have voicemail.
Robert, a.k.a. Trav

"The Travcast, hour three of Blindwulf's Rubber Room Association",
Tuesday nights, 8-9 EST

For me, cooking is like reading science fiction- I read a recipe in a cookbook
and say, "Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen".

Eph 6:12    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against
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Becky Herber
ramengirl at gmail.com

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