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Thu Mar 25 14:49:03 GMT 2010

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Matt Michielsen wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:29 AM, Steve Romanow
> <slestak989 at gmail.com <mailto:slestak989 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     In GR, the grpug meets at Old Chicago at Beltline and 28th.
>      Plenty of
>     room and both pop and beer.
>     On 3/24/10, Greg Grossmeier <greg at grossmeier.net
>     <mailto:greg at grossmeier.net>> wrote:
>     > <quoting name="Thanh Nguyen" date="2010-03-24" time="22:34:34
>     -0400">
>     >> I'm not sure how most facilities serving alcoholic beverages
>     treats
>     >> individuals under 21- I know my local brewery (New Holland
>     Brewery) does
>     >> allow us to enter at most times, since they also serve and
>     brew their own
>     >> non-alcoholic beverages.
>     >
>     > Yeah, all of the locations that we go to on the East Side
>     allow under21
>     > in, you just get a nice black X on your hand.
>     >
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> Founders and Grand Rapids Brewing are both pretty good choices.
>  Founders is definitely a lot louder, but it's also a lot closer for
> me.  New Holland would be far closer yet.  Or we could meet at
> somebody's house that's centrally located (I have beer on tap, but
> Zeeland is a little out of the way from GR).
I vote for New Holland Brewing, and Matt's house is NOT out of the way
for the GR folks, Zeeland is a lot closer!

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