[ubuntu-us-mi] Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid in Virtual Box

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Tue Mar 23 16:24:32 GMT 2010

<quoting name="Robert Citek" date="2010-03-23" time="11:51:28 -0400">
> Was able to run Ubuntu 10.04 as a guest on Ubuntu 8.10 using VB
> 2.0.4-OSE and Ubuntu 8.04 using VB 1.5.6-OSE.  However, I had to press
> the F6 key at boot up and check both acpi=off and noapic.

Thanks Robert! This will be useful for anyone who is going to come to the 
Global Jam this Saturday.


You can do what Robert did and just keep your 10.04 install up-to-date 
inside VirtualBox or make a LiveCD/USB Install media to run 10.04 "on the 

See you all there!


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