[ubuntu-us-mi] dsl config

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Wed Mar 10 15:26:20 GMT 2010

<quoting name="f g" date="2010-03-09" time="23:51:09 -0500">
> Hi

Hi Fernando!

> I am brand new user for Ububtu. i am a grad student at UM ann arbor.

Awesome. I just recently graduated from grad school at U-M, myself.

> i live in northwood 4 and i am having problems connceting to the 
> internet. just by any chance do any of you live in northwood and had 
> configred DSL. could you help me please.

Well, I live in the area (West Side Ann Arbor), but lets see if we can't 
figure this out on the mailing list before I bike up to NW4.

What version of Ubuntu are you running?
What have you tried doing to connect to the DSL connection?
What error messages do you get when you try to connect?
Are you plugged into the router or trying to connect wirelessly?



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