[ubuntu-us-mi] detroitnet.org

Jorge O. Castro jorge at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 25 03:26:56 BST 2010

Hi everyone,

I ran into this on twitter, this group called detroitnet.org. It's
basically a group of people who meet together to find jobs for people,
and to find people for jobs. Odd right? How could a geek group like
this exist without us knowing about it? Surely if someone was looking
for Linux geeks they would know to check out LUGs right? Well, maybe
not so much.

So on IRC I mentioned it to Craig and Rick and some others that I
might stop by and check it out, and it seemed really odd, it sounds
like the typical recruitment show thing or some lame "job fair" crap.
I decided to check it out today;  so I conned Ken from OU to come
along because I didn't want to go by myself, so we went down to
BlackFinn in Royal Oak to see what it's like. I met the guy who
started it, and as it ends up, the entire thing is an anti-"jobs fair
crap" affair. I met some serious people from serious companies looking
for serious Linux admins. I think members from LUGs around the area
could find this kind of thing useful to find good Linux work, and from
my initial meeting, it looks like there is plenty of demand for Linux
work out there.

Ok so, there were some headhunters, but overall it wasn't so bad.
They're apparently they're big on LinkedIn (I don't use it myself),
but there seemed to be plenty of interest for people with Linux
experience, so I thought I'd pass it along to people. I was frankly
shocked at the people looking for Linux talent who had never heard of
any of the local LUGs, so I think this is an excellent opportunity to
reach out to other geek groups in Detroit.

Unfortunately they seemed to be tied in to LinkedIn, however they have
a blog at http://www.detroitnet.org and the guy who runs it (Dave
Phillips) seems to be a solid dude running the whole thing. We should
collectively probably try to get these people more tied into the local
bits, I plan to do my part by participating in their events more (and
damn, I didn't bring my mug.org cards!)

Please feel free to cross post this to mdlug and washlug mailing lists...


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