[ubuntu-us-mi] JeOS 9.04 in a VBox VM on 8.04

Scott Moser smoser at brickies.net
Sat Jan 30 01:33:14 GMT 2010

On Fri, 29 Jan 2010, Robert Citek wrote:

> Which brings up the question of, why does JeOS have the PAE option in
> the kernel?  If I have more than enough RAM to warrant PAE, why would
> I need Just Enough OS?  I'd just run a full-blown kernel.

   the -virtual kernel (which I'm guessing is used by jeos) is a "sub
flavour" of the -server kernel.  What "sub flavour" means is that it is a
proper subset.  Simply it is the same vmlinuz with less modules, thus
requiring a smaller disk footprint.
   If I recall correctly, the kernel team is hoping to move away from i386
non pae kernels entirely, as there simply isn't a lot of hardware that
can't do pae, and the pae overhead is somewhat small .  This is largely
memory of a conversation I had once, so it could be way off base.

   I'm surprised that virtualbox can't boot the kernel, that is a somewhat
serious issue.  I'm guessing  thats because you've got an older virtualbox
version with 8.04.  Just from googling it seems newer virtualbox supports
pae.  http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog .


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