[ubuntu-us-mi] JeOS 9.04 in a VBox VM on 8.04

Robert Citek robert.citek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 23:55:53 GMT 2010

Does anyone have any insight on how I can install JeOS 9.04 in a
VirtualBox virtual machine that is running under Ubuntu 8.04?

All I need is a 1 GB virtual machine with a simple bash shell and
networking.  VirtualBox 1.5.6_OSE that comes with Ubuntu 8.04 does not
support PAE.  The kernel that installs under JeOS 9.04 seems to
require PAE.

Is there a boot option for turning off PAE?  A google search and a
'man bootparam' suggest there isn't.

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of installing JeOS 8.04 and then doing a dist-upgrade.

I was hoping that I could install the Desktop version and then strip
things back down, but the Desktop version of Ubuntu 9.04 requires much
more space than 1 GB.  And stripping it back down seems to obviate the
whole point of having JeOS.

Which brings up the question of, why does JeOS have the PAE option in
the kernel?  If I have more than enough RAM to warrant PAE, why would
I need Just Enough OS?  I'd just run a full-blown kernel.

- Robert

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