[ubuntu-us-mi] Generic ID owns application files or individual ID

Robert Citek robert.citek at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 22:17:25 GMT 2010

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 10:42 AM, gib at juno.com <gib at juno.com> wrote:
> Do you typically use generic ID file ownership when you develop applications
> or do you have the source files owned by individual developers?

Can you give some more context or a use-case example?

If you are worrying about the uid on source code, you may want to
reevaluate how you are developing the application.  Usually, the
source files are managed by some kind of version control, e.g. cvs,
svn, git, bzr, etc.  So it doesn't matter what the uid is on the

- Robert

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