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Mon Jan 4 18:24:15 GMT 2010

I am trying to promote having more simple but interesting class for people
who are less technically skilled. Many of the classes last of years before
sound uninteresting or intimidating, regardless of content. I think if we
want to pull new people's interest we'll have to have classes that address
means of using linux to enhance your everyday life and are titled as such.
Examples follow.

Share and backup pictures with Gallery,
Serve music and videos across the net and in your home,
build a firewall from scratch,
Kitchen tech: recipe computer and database,
Build your own website,
Life without Anti-virius, bloat-ware, expensive software, keeping up with
the Jones',... in other words intro to the Linux Desktop.
Windows first aid with Linux.
Learn networks with Linux. <- more intermediate
Cheaper phone bills with Asterisk


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Kevin B. O'Brien <nadreck at palain.com> wrote:

> Craig Maloney wrote:
> > Evening, everyone!
> >
> > At our last IRC meeting (which as a few minutes ago) and the topic of
> > what to do as a loco at Penguicon was broached. Some of the ideas that
> > were put forth were:
> >
> >   * Ubuntu Bug Triage / Jam (this has been done in the past with great
> > success)
> >   * Ubuntu Packaging Jam
> >   * Room Party of some form (could include some of the above)
> >    * Also could include an "ask the expert" portion.
> >
> > These are just a sample of the proposed ideas. I'm sure there are more
> > out there that haven't been covered. What would you like to see the loco
> > do at Penguicon
> Rats, I forgot to update my calendar for 2010 dates and missed the
> discussion. What I am thinking about (as I always do) is the newcomers.
> I think there are people at Penguicon who are mostly SF fans and who may
> not be using Linux yet. Does anyone else share this perception? If so,
> maybe we could do some outreach. Ubuntu Q&A, help with using Ubuntu for
> newcomers, stuff like that.
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