[ubuntu-us-mi] Firefox on Lucid

Robert Citek robert.citek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 23:40:54 BST 2010

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 4:33 PM, Jeff Hanson <jhansonxi at gmail.com> wrote:
> It's their use of a db for the cache.  There was some debate over the
> interaction of the new db on ext3 back in Hardy, IIRC.

I'm not so sure that's the issue.  I checked out the sqlite databases
and they are relatively small, with the median being under 10KB, the
mean being about 24M, and the largest db about 32 M.

$ find ~/.mozilla/firefox/ -name '*.sqlite' |
xargs ls -ldSr |
tr -s ' ' '\t' |
cut -f 5  > file.csv
$ echo 'summary(read.csv("file.csv",head=FALSE)) ;' |
R --no-save -q
> summary(read.csv("file.csv",head=FALSE)) ;
 Min.   :    2048
 1st Qu.:    2048
 Median :    8704
 Mean   : 2390630
 3rd Qu.:   38912
 Max.   :31281152

If it were a db and/or ext3 issue, would I not see a lot of disk I/O
from the vmstat?  I see the CPU being maxed and virtually no disk I/O.
 No swapping, either.

Any ideas on how to isolate what the problem is?  Is anyone else
experiencing this?  If not, then maybe it's something fubared with my

- Robert

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