[ubuntu-us-mi] Release party?

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Mon Apr 12 02:49:44 BST 2010

<quoting name="Jeff Hanson" date="2010-04-11" time="18:15:54 -0400">
> On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Robert Citek <robert.citek at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Missouri can't be the only place:
> >
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseParties#USA
> >
> > Where's MI's going to be?  Penguicon?
> >
>  I would presume so.

Yes, Penguicon, which is the weekend of April 30th. There will be a party 
there one of the nights. We need to nail down when and where.

Penguiconers: Where and When should our party be?

There was also discussion of people having a party on the west side; I 
don't know what the status is of that.

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