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Release Party Badges!

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> Hi!
> We all feel it... we all see it... we all know it: Lucid Lynx will be
> the best Ubuntu release ever. For most of the Ubuntu users, this is
> just something to feel happy about. For some people this is something
> more: with a great release comes great responsibility. Let's make this
> the best Ubuntu release party ever! And what makes a release party
> great? People! Many people! A big crowd of people!
> András Bognár, a member of the Hungarian Ubuntu Community created some
> web badges to advertise our release party. I think he did a fantastic
> job: so I asked him to create those badges also in English, so we can
> share it with the whole Ubuntu community. The badges are also
> available in SVG format, so every local community can easily translate
> it into its own language.
> We have less than 3 weeks until the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Not
> too much time, but still enough to make people aware of the release
> party. Translate the badge into your own language, share it with your
> LoCo, and put it on your blog! Let's make awesome release parties all
> over the world!
> Orange badge (in PNG format):
> http://ubuntu.hu/sites/default/files/urpb_en_orange.png
> Purple badge (in PNG format):
> http://ubuntu.hu/sites/default/files/urpb_en_purple.png
> All badges in SVG format:
> http://ubuntu.hu/sites/default/files/urpb_inkscape.svg
> The font is freely available here:
> http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/fonts/1-junction
> Best Regards,
> László Torma (toros)
> Member of the Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo
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