[ubuntu-us-mi] Adding milestones to Launchpad bugs

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Sun Oct 4 16:38:01 BST 2009

<quoting name="Michael Roberson" date="2009-10-04" time="10:10:35 -0400">

> The submitter of a bug on launchpad just emailed me politely asking if 
> we can assign the bug to the ubuntu-9.10 milestone. Can we do that or is 
> it something that only a maintainer can do? What is the accepted way to 
> indicate that a bug affects only 9.10?

It is assumed that the bugs in Launchpad affect the latest version of 
Ubuntu, in this case 9.10. And when 9.10 comes out, it is assumed all 
those same bugs are in 10.04.  Thus, there is no need to indicate it is 
only in 9.10 via a milestone.

However, you can indicate that in the description (which it looks like 
they have).

More info on how milestones are used in Ubuntu:

Basically, use the milestone when a bug needs to be fixed in that version 
of Ubuntu. For instance, if it is a security issue that needs to be fixed 
in the previous LTS release (which is still supported) you would add a 
milestone for for that LTS release.

They use the 9.10 milestone to keep track of bugs that need to be fixed 
before release, like Debian's Release Critical bugs. You can see a list 
of those for Karmic here:

I don't think I explained milestones very well yesterday; hope this helps 
clear it up.



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