[ubuntu-us-mi] Roommate still needed in Westland

Rebecca Herber ramengirl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 00:44:48 BST 2009

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend Robert is still looking for a roommate in the Westland
area ASAP. Please see the info below.

Becky Herber
ramengirl at gmail.com			


I still DESPERATELY need a roommate to rent out a room in my
two-bedroom apartment, for $400/month (covers half of rent,
cable/internet, heat/hot water, and electricity-getting rid of home
phone tomorrow evening).  This apartment COULD support a couple
(previous roommmates were an engaged couple-if so, rent can be split).
 If there are pets involved in this, the complex asks for a $200 fee,
and the rent goes up $20 a month.

My apartment is in Westland, and the major cross-streets are Warren
Road and Merriman Road, in the Hines Park Apartments complex.  It's
within 15 minutes of I-96, I-275, and I-94, Westland Mall is about
five minutes west of here, and Hines Park is "my backyard", a short
walk can get you there.

I have five rules of the renter(s): be dependable, responsible, no
drama at my doors (i.e. no cops at my door for you smoking a joint),
have the money, and need the room- everything else is negotiable!  I
have a few nights a week where I have my gaming group over (one
weeknight TBD, alt. Saturdays and every Sunday evening).  My daughter,
Shelly, stays on the weekends with the Saturday gaming nights, and she
is over on Tuesday evenings after work.  I do my Dementia Radio show
after I drop her off, at 8-9 pm.

My cell is 734-777-5803, call anytime.  I need the roommate, since I
had to renew the lease- nowhere else to go.  I'd like to have a fellow
fen here, who understands my hobbies and such, so that is why I'm
advertising here.


Robert Poloskey, a.k.a. Trav

The Travcast, hour three of Blindwulf's Rubber Room Association,
Tuesday nights, 8-9 EST

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cookbook and say, "Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen".

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