[ubuntu-us-mi] IP address of VM running in bridge mode

Robert Citek robert.citek at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 20:06:58 BST 2009

I've started up a headless VirtualBox VM in bridged networking mode so
that it has an IP address from the network DHCP server.  That is, this
VM appears as just another machine on the network of hundreds of
machines.  The host is running virtualbox-ose 2.1.4-dfsg-1ubuntu3 on
Ubuntu 9.04 and the guest is Ubuntu 8.10.  From using VBoxManage, I
know the guest VM's MAC address.

Given that I do not have access to the DHCP server, is there a way to
find out what the guest VM's IP address is, perhaps using some kind of
tool on the host machine?

So far googling and looking through the manual have not been fruitful,
although I could be overlooking something obvious.

- Robert

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