[ubuntu-us-mi] recycling-donation project

Josh Panter joshp at nousessence.com
Sun Jan 18 18:40:01 GMT 2009

Hello Ubuntu-mi!

This is JoshP, aka alienseer23 on irc. I have been advertising for the
recycling/donation project on craigslist and other local resources since
Jono's post about open source and open learning here:
That post kind of rekindled the fire under my butt for this.

After about a week or two I have about 5 promised systems, pending
pick-up and delivery! I think this is great! I would like to get a nice
amount of working systems together (10-20) and then have some sort of
give-away event. Perhaps piggy-backed on top of an install-fest? 

Ultimately, I would really like to make this a regular, reoccurring

This is a call for your junk and your time! Do you have a system that
will boot but you don't use? Then I want it to give away! Even if it's
older, perhaps there are parts to be used, or an opportunity to put
Xbuntu on that baby and give it away to someone that could use it for
basic productivity, email, web-surfing, etc. I know the chances are good
that I will get some true junk here, but this is ok.

Do you live far away from me (Ann Arbor), since I plan on doing the give
away somewhere locally, or perhaps Detroit, perhaps Flint, and you live
maybe in Muskegon, or Petoskey, perhaps you could get something going
where you  are, and we could co-ordinate a day where we could have
multiple give-away events in Michigan? Or perhaps you collect systems,
and I could arrange a beer for you when you bring your load to Ann
Arbor? Hrm...?

Let's get this going! I want to be able to put up stories and pictures
of happy people getting good, working systems running Ubuntu on our
wiki, and I want to show them how to use it, introduce a whole new
people to F/OSS and Ubuntu, and what it can do for them, but I need your
help to do it! I want to make a name for our Loco with this, and I want
your input. Do you have any constructive ideas for co-ordinating the
give-away? Do you have any creative ideas for co-ordinating a collection

What's up, Ubuntu-Mi, I'm doing this, will you join me?

Josh Panter

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