[ubuntu-us-mi] Ubuntu Small Business Server CPU split

Mark mark.klug at ccagent.com
Sat Jan 3 01:12:30 GMT 2009

Jeff Hanson wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 7:26 PM, Mark <mark.klug at ccagent.com> wrote:
>> Do you think a small company, say 3-50 people can put it's file shares,
>> LDAP, database, internal webserver, AND secure email server all on one
>> machine?  Oh... and I'd really like upgrade that "basic" email server to
>> a groupware solution to compete against Exchange.
> 3-50 is quite a large range.  If you are unsure what the needs are
> then use virtualization.  Throw it all on one system and if it's too
> slow then move some of the VMs to another host.  Essentially by
> abstracting the hardware with VMs you can expand dynamically without
> reinstallation or significant reconfiguration.
In a way, 3-50 is large range but it does define the whole class of
small businesses. 

This is not necessarily for my company specifically but, rather, trying
to flesh-out a general spec for a generic SMB Distro.  The ultimate goal
is to have a one or two disc package that a small business owner can
plop in a machine and have it "just run".  Or, that IT shops can have to
mirror/ghost onto a new box for a new client; kinda like a standard LAMP
server.  This is really just the first step in that ultimate goal; the
what goes where.  Along the way will also be "how do we make this work
together 'Out of the Box'"; integration; and, someday, single common
user interface, a la eBox.  I understand that even in a "just run"
environment, there is a fair amount of admin work, i.e. creating users
and groups, etc. but the goal is to limit the work to just that not to
customizing the glue.

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