[ubuntu-us-mi] Ubuntu Small Business Server CPU split

Mark mark.klug at ccagent.com
Fri Jan 2 23:43:55 GMT 2009

Hi Everyone,
  As a small business owner, I have appreciated the benefits of Linux. 
Alas, I have also been a bit envious of Microsoft's Small Business
Server.  The idea of having everything rolled into one
distro/install...  I know of a couple of basic ones for Linux, i.e.,
SME.  However, this is a pretty basic one.  I was thinking of one with a
bit more complex apps, i.e. LDAP, Samba, OpenGroupware and VTiger CRM 
all on one CD/DVD. 

At this point, the existing offerings, including Microsoft's, is doing a
one-box solution for firewall, DHCP, DNS and all of the network
utilities ALONG WITH the business apps, apache, etc.  I am wondering if
a 2 box solution wouldn't be better; one to handle the network admin and
the other to handle the business apps; not sure where I would put LDAP
in the mix.

Is one box really powerful enough to handle everything?  If not, how
would you distribute the software between a Network
Server/Firewall/Gateway and a Business Server.  Is putting all of the
networking services on the same box as a the firewall a good idea?  I
don't want a 12 box solution but how do we divvy everything up keeping a
reasonable speed and security?

Thanks in advance,

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