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Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Fri Aug 28 03:06:45 BST 2009

This is tomorrow evening.

I thought some of you would be interested in learning a bit more about 
how to triage sound bugs, especially before the Global Jam.


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> Subject: [Ubuntu-bugcontrol] Triaging Sound Bugs on Ubuntu -- Soon on an IRC
> 	Channel for you!
> All,
> Have you ever had sound problems on Ubuntu (and Linux, in general)?
> Have you ever lost the *critical* piece, that would make the whole
> conversation understandable, to static?
> Have you -- like my humble self -- considered the plethora of
> sound-related pieces a gigantic maze, with no rules known? Not that not
> knowing the rules would matter, since they seem to change
> continuously...
> Do you -- again, like my humble self -- get surprised when sounds *does*
> work?
> If all of the above, or even a single one, applies to you... then YOU
> can help! We are about to go on a Class About Sound [1].
> Daniel T Chen has graciously accepted a request from Bug-Control, and
> will be giving a class on how to _triage_ sound bugs. Given that sound
> bugs have been a major user experience headache, triaging sound bugs is,
> I believe, a major roadblock for us [2]. 
> So, it is set! We will have a "Triaging Sound Bugs" next Friday --
> courtesy of Daniel, and the magnificent folks that manage the Ubuntu
> Classroom IRC channel.
> Date: 		Friday, August 28th, at 22:00 UTC
> Location:	irc.ubuntu.org, channel #ubuntu-classroom
> Duration:	90 minutes (estimated)
> Presenter:	Daniel T Chen (IRC: dtchen)
> Thank you. I do hope a lot of us get to be there -- we do need the help!
> Cheers,
> ..Carl.. [3]
> IRC: hggdh
> p.s. A *HUGE* THANK YOU to Daniel, for giving up yet another hour of his
> life to help us. And, of course, to the -classroom folks, for allowing
> us to use the channel.
> p.p.s. I do apologise for this late announcement, but... such is life.
> ------------
> [1] Unfortunately, just the sound bugs triaging part, right now. Before
> we get sound really, *really* working, we must understand what is
> broken. Then, with the help of correctly triaged bugs, we can work out
> the failures, and get Sound Working As It Should (TM). On the other
> hand, if you get to understand how to triage sound issues, you will
> probably have far less issues with sound ;-)
> [2] please keep in mind that one can only *solve* a problem after: (1)
> understanding *what* is the problem (if any at all); (2) finding *how*
> the problem manifests itself; (3) finding *where* the problem lies.
> Amazingly enough for some people, this all depends on a correct triage.
> [3] As luck would have it, I will, myself, be absent: at this time I
> will be traveling home, after a week's work. I would like to ask for a
> moderator, to field questions to Daniel. Please email me, or IRC me,
> this week, so we can set it up.

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