[ubuntu-us-mi] Official 8.10 CDs

Greg Grossmeier greg.grossmeier at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 17:09:54 GMT 2008

Greg Grossmeier wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Just want to send out a quick note that I have received the shipment of 
> official 8.10 CDs from Canonical.
> So, for those of you who may have a use for them, let me know (email off 
> list) and I can send you some.
> Have a great Sunday!
> Greg

I should just add that I'm willing to send people >10 CDs if you have a 
good[0] reason for that many.  If you only need 1-5, you can use the 
free ShipIt program from Ubuntu: https://shipit.ubuntu.com/



[0] Not just "I need extra targets for shooting practice"

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