[ubuntu-us-mi] Hello World

James Ronald james.ronald at gmail.com
Fri May 23 22:34:34 BST 2008

*Name:* James Ronald (Jim)
Place: *Howell (live), Ann Arbor (work)*

Distro:* Hardy desktop (work), Gutsy desktop (home), Gusty Server (work and
home), CentOS 5 (Asterisk PBX at work), Debian Sid (PPC), Custom Linux
2.6.23 and .25 distributions for ARM.  *

Ubuntu interests:* Desktop and Server*

non-Ubuntu interests:* Family, Embedded Linux, Robotics, Electronics, CNC,
Marshal Arts, Comedy Food, and Mu*sic.**
plans for world domination:* I could tell you but then one of my robots
would have to pay you a visit.
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