[ubuntu-us-mi] Hello World

Amy Hussey rpgirl1981 at gmail.com
Fri May 23 20:12:58 BST 2008

I'll bite.  I don't think I've really introduced myself to the list

Name: gamerchick02 (Amy Hussey)

Place: Saginaw

Distro: Ubuntu Hardy on the desktop, multiple on the laptop
(Kubuntu/goS/Mandriva/WindowsXP... I'm trying to find something to work on
my Gateway MX3225)

Ubuntu interests: I try to point people in the direction of Ubuntu if
they're looking for a distro to try.  I also like to help people with issues
they have and point them in the right direction.

non-Ubuntu interests: sports (hockey, baseball, curling, football, soccer,
Aussie rules football, cricket... if it's off-the-wall, I'll watch it), TV
(CSI and the like, almost anything from the BBC), reading, art, writing,
fangirling, gaming, walking, working, math, science, beer...

Plans for world domination: Uh... none right now, but if I think of
something...  :-D

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> From: Wolfger <wolfger at gmail.com>
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> Chatting on IRC the other day, somebody reminded me that our fine LoCo
> hit over 100 people right after Penguicon. That, of course, is 100
> memebers *on paper*. We've certainly not seen that many posting on
> this list or hanging out is #ubuntu-us-mi which is what we'd really
> like to see. Heck, I'd rather see 25 active members than 250 inactive
> ones... So who's actually out there? Please introduce yourselves, and
> give us an idea what your interests are (in or out of Ubuntu), where
> in this large-ish state you live, and what activities you'd like to
> see the LoCo (and yourself) engage in.
> Name: Wolfger (or Mike Foster, if you insist)
> Place: New Baltimore (NE Macomb County)
> Distro: Kubuntu Hardy (soon to be dual-booting with Kubuntu Intrepid)
> Ubuntu interests: I like helping out with bugs, and I'm interested in
> learning how to package debs for Ubuntu/Debian. I'm also starting work
> on a full-featured Twitter client called Tweek that I hope the world
> will love. I run "bug jams" periodically, in which I explain to people
> the very basics of doing bug triage. As I get more experienced myself,
> I'll be passing that along to others as well.
> non-Ubuntu interests: I love watching or playing hockey (anybody need
> a rusty goalie?), brewing beer, playing in the SCA
> <http://scademo.com>
> Plans for world domination: Our LoCo is already one of the top-ranked
> groups in 5-a-day <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day> but I'd like to
> see that grow. Recently an inspired kubuntu-de.org group flew past us
> in the rankings. I want to reclaim first place in convincing fashion,
> but I also want to encourage other groups to participate too. Being
> king of the hill just isn't much fun when nobody is trying to knock
> you down. :-)
> --
> Wolfger
> http://wolfger.wordpress.com/
> My 5 today: #90080 (macchanger), #150557 (linux-source-2.6.20), #75818
> (linux-source-2.6.15), #68329 (pbuilder), #185480 (octave3.0)
> Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day
> ------------------------------
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