[ubuntu-us-mi] Hello World

Wolfger wolfger at gmail.com
Fri May 23 11:15:20 BST 2008

Chatting on IRC the other day, somebody reminded me that our fine LoCo
hit over 100 people right after Penguicon. That, of course, is 100
memebers *on paper*. We've certainly not seen that many posting on
this list or hanging out is #ubuntu-us-mi which is what we'd really
like to see. Heck, I'd rather see 25 active members than 250 inactive
ones... So who's actually out there? Please introduce yourselves, and
give us an idea what your interests are (in or out of Ubuntu), where
in this large-ish state you live, and what activities you'd like to
see the LoCo (and yourself) engage in.

Name: Wolfger (or Mike Foster, if you insist)

Place: New Baltimore (NE Macomb County)

Distro: Kubuntu Hardy (soon to be dual-booting with Kubuntu Intrepid)

Ubuntu interests: I like helping out with bugs, and I'm interested in
learning how to package debs for Ubuntu/Debian. I'm also starting work
on a full-featured Twitter client called Tweek that I hope the world
will love. I run "bug jams" periodically, in which I explain to people
the very basics of doing bug triage. As I get more experienced myself,
I'll be passing that along to others as well.

non-Ubuntu interests: I love watching or playing hockey (anybody need
a rusty goalie?), brewing beer, playing in the SCA

Plans for world domination: Our LoCo is already one of the top-ranked
groups in 5-a-day <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day> but I'd like to
see that grow. Recently an inspired kubuntu-de.org group flew past us
in the rankings. I want to reclaim first place in convincing fashion,
but I also want to encourage other groups to participate too. Being
king of the hill just isn't much fun when nobody is trying to knock
you down. :-)


My 5 today: #90080 (macchanger), #150557 (linux-source-2.6.20), #75818
(linux-source-2.6.15), #68329 (pbuilder), #185480 (octave3.0)
Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

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