[ubuntu-us-mi] Locations for Global Bug Jam

Craig Maloney craig at decafbad.net
Thu Jun 19 04:04:00 BST 2008

I know we've been discussing possible locations for the Global Bug Jam
on IRC, but I wanted to open up the discussion to the rest of the
members to see where we might be able to meet up.

I'd be more than happy to reserve the Clinton Macomb Public Library
again. I know there were a few folks who mentioned it was really out of
the way for them, but the room we had was pretty spacious, and could
easily accommodate our needs. 

There was also talk about trying to rent out the location that MUG meets
at (the Farmington Hills Public Library). I'm not sure how much the room
costs, but it seems like a nice, centralized location.

Any other ideas for a location?
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