[ubuntu-us-mi] Global Bug Jam - Locations?

Greg Grossmeier greg.grossmeier at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 18:32:26 BST 2008

Hey Craig,

Craig Maloney wrote:
> Wondering if anyone had any additional thoughts on locations for the
> Global Bug Jam, specifically if anyone here is in the Farmington area
> and can contact the Farmington Hills library to see if they're available
> that weekend. 
> Also, if you know of any locations that we could use for the Bug Jam,
> let us know.

Have you received any private replies from anyone?  If not, we should 
probably try to lock down a place pretty soon.

Don't we have a someone on this list who could be a contact for the 
Farmington Hills Library?

If someone can be that contact that would be great!  I've heard they 
have good space available for such events and it looks like a fairly 
centralized position for the majority of members in the SE corner of the 

So, August 9th starting at 5/6pm so we can Jam for a couple-few hours 
and then go out for dinner/drinks after?  Someone give me their second 
(or third) opinion on start time for a Saturday Bug Jam.

I just updated the wiki planning page (added introduction and renamed it 
to the correct date).  See it here: 

Feel free to add information to that page, anyone.  And feel free to 
link to it when you are talking about the GBJ.

Thanks all,


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